What Cups In Horse Jumps Used For

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Horse jumps will not only be utilized on the showgrounds or on the grand national scale of those famous horse races covering thousands of meters of thick, lush stretches of grass. If you have been a surreptitious follower of horse races, you may have noticed what sometimes happens. And it is not a pretty sight at all. If the horse is lucky, it manages to carry on galloping ahead, leaving the jockey in its wake.

horse jump cups

What has happened? Both horse and rider have, at great speed, clipped the steep horse jump, disguised or decorated with green grass, or left bare as a tall white picket fence. Had the horse not been so lucky, it might have had to be put down. This is just a compassionate way of saying that the veterinary surgeon is left with no other alternative but to kill the horse. The breaking of a horse’s leg is extremely damaging.

It is not always possible to heal a broken leg and no athletic, physically active horse is able to survive maimed in this condition. Fortunately such tragedies are not regular. You will also find horse jumps on the training paddocks. These jumps will, of course, be a lot shorter in length and more easily visible. And they will also be supported by cups. You wonder though why horse jump cups are not installed throughout a horse racing or showjumping event.

Or perhaps they already are. it is just that the competitive obstacles are deliberately far steeper and thicker so as to heighten the competitive challenge for both horse and rider. Henceforth, training on a regular basis will remain important. Horse jump cups, to all intents and purposes, soften the blow for both horse and rider.