No Fur Balls In This Industry

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Fur balls form. And unfortunately, and quite sickening at times, they get stuck in the throats of domesticated felines. As in life, all animals and humans have these, and these are the occupational hazards of the domesticated cat. These fur balls are the result of an extremely good habit that the cats do have. If they are not on the prowl or sleeping, they are forever preening themselves. They set a very fine example in practicing good hygiene.

They are extremely clean animals at best. You wish you could say the same for your young dogs in the yard, even for yourself, especially when you are in a hurry. Dogs have no rush, so you wonder. What is their excuse? If they do any personal housekeeping at all, it is at best surreptitious and by the way. Or a sudden outbreak of fleas has become somewhat interesting if not downright yip-yip irritating.

They say that the grooming exercise between a man and his best friend is one of the healthiest and mentally therapeutic exercises to be practiced between a dog and his master. Time being of the essence perhaps, fur grooming in simi valley picks up where the owner never even started. Leave them in the care of a pet or dog groomer. You can sally on to your rounds and by the time you are finished, you can come on over and collect your pet poodle.

fur grooming in simi valley

But be warned. You might not recognize her. Parting ways with her mistress is never traumatic. Because once the pet masseuse has begun her work, the little dog will be begging her to not ever stop. This masterstroke is something that all canine pets love. They do enough loving of their own and don’t they love to be loved back in return.