Tips For Taking Care Of Your Dog

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Having a pet is a large responsibility for everyone.  Similar to having children a pet needs to have a place to sleep, food and water to eat, toys to play with and a loving environment to grow and learn about the world.  One component that many pet owners need is dog walking services redmond wa.  With our busy lives taking time out of the day to go home and walk our dogs isn’t feasible.  This is why using one of these services is a good idea.

Feeding your pet

Your pet should be fed once a day.  Typically, they will have a meal at the start of the day.  For cats, a bowl of food is left out all da since cats are more independent to dogs.  When talking about treats you don’t want to overdo it either.  Giving your pet a treat when you leave for the day and when you get home is a good idea, but just giving them a treat can lead to bad behavior.


All of our pets need to have a place they can call their own.  For cats, this can be a cat bed or a scratching post.  For dogs a large bed in their spot of the house will do great.  When designing the bedding for a dog you want the bedding to be large enough for them to fit comfortably with a pillow and blanket.  When you give your pet their own items such as a blanket, pillow or other item they will be more likely not to go after your personal belongings.


dog walking services redmond wa

Try to get your pet on a schedule.  When you have them on a schedule, they are more likely to behave better, have less accidents and anticipate a routine for the day.  Leaving them on random events and no schedule can cause a lot of confusion and misbehaved actions.